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Issues of binding or enforceable rule vs. NOT and why

International Organizations and Immunity with Impunity

This post is long overdue, and, I admit, goaded into my writing it as a result of having recently attended the opening night of “The Whistleblower“, a new film starring Rachel Weisz that very succinctly ‘fleshes out’ the existence, administration and outcome … Continue reading

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Race, Nation, Identity – Globalization Defined

I recently attended a reception/dinner at UCLA that was meant to be a “kick-off” for a new inter-functionality and corroborative effort between like departments in the U.C. system across regional boundaries, chaired by the U.C. Center for New Racial Studies and the … Continue reading

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Piracy Issues and the “Rights” of Intellectual Property and the Internet

Web piracy bills target ‘rogue’ sites … so states the lead-in heading in the Tuesday, April 19, 2011 L.A. Times Business section, filed under ‘Government’.    As you read on, it becomes clear that Congress, in general, has been lobbied to … Continue reading

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